Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Magic Items (and Abilities)
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The world of Warhammer is rich in magical artefacts and holy relics of great power. Mighty soul-drinking swords, impenetrable suits of amour encrusted with runic powers, ancient tomes of sorcerous knowledge and lost rings of power many a war has been fought for the sole possession of such treasure.

The Warhammer Armies books describe in detail the many different kinds of magic items that each army can use. Here we shall examine the magic items that are commonly used by all races. In cases of contradiction, the special rule of a magic item takes precedence over normal game rules.

Magic items can be carried by characters and, in some cases, by the standard bearer or champion of a unit of troops. This is indicated in the army list for each army in the appropriate Warhammer Army book. A character can only have one magic item of each type (weapon, armour, etc), unless otherwise indicated.

No specific magic item can be carried by more than one model in the army (eg, there cannot be two models equipped with a Sword of Striking in the same army). Scrolls are an exception to this several scrolls of the same type can be carried by the same Wizard or by different Wizards if you wish.

Fleeing models cannot use any magic items that are one use only, bound items and similar magic items that require a decision on when to activate their powers. Only magic items whose effects are permanent still work for fleeing models.

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