Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Common Magic Items
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The following magic items are considered to be common items - which is to say that they are common to all armies in the Warhammer world and not that they are commonplace in any sense. Even the least potent magic item is a dangerous device, steeped in the fickle powers of sorcery, and is extremely rare. Complete lists of magic items available to each of the different armies are included in the Warhammer Army book for each race.

Magic Weapons

Biting Blade(Magic Weapon)

The Biting Blade is forged with bitter curses that work against the armour of its foes. The blade confers an additional -1 armour save modifier on any blows stuck, so a blow struck at Strength 3 or less will have a -1 armour save, a Strength 4 hit has a -2 armour save, Strength 5 has a -3 armour save and so on.

Sword of Battle(Magic Weapon)

A Sword of Battle is forged with potent magic that enables its wielder to employ it with dazzling speed and deadly effect. The blade confers +1 Attack on the character wielding it.

Sword of Might(Magic Weapon)

A Sword of Might is wrought with enchantments that bind within its fabric a great and magical strength. The blade confers upon the character who fights with it +1 Strength when rolling to wound.

Sword of Striking(Magic Weapon)

A Sword of Striking is possessed of a keen intelligence that guides its blade to the target. The sword confers to the character wielding it a bonus of + 1 when rolling to hit. For example, where a 3 is normally required to score a hit, the character will hit on a 2. However, a dice roll of 1 is always a miss regardless of bonuses.

Magic Armour

Enchanted Shield(Magic Armour)

The Enchanted Shield protects its user with powerful magic. The shield confers an armour save of 5+ rather than a mundane shield's armour save of 6+. This can be combined with other mundane armour for example, light armour + Enchanted Shield armour save 4+, heavy armour + Enchanted Shield + mounted = armour save 2+.


The Talisman of Protection is a protective charm. This confers a ward save of 6+ upon its wearer.

Arcane Items

Dispel Scroll(Arcane Item)

One use only. A Dispel Scroll is inscribed with a powerful anti-magical invocation. When it is read out by a Wizard, the effect is to drain away magical power and weaken a spell that has been cast. As soon as a spell has been cast, any Wizard who has a Dispel Scroll can read it instead of attempting to dispel the spell by using dispel dice. This automatically dispels the enemy spell; no dice roll is required.

Note that even a Dispel Scroll will not help if the spell has been cast with irresistible force. Note also that Dispel Scrolls cannot be used to dispel spells that remain in play other than at the moment they are cast.

Power Stone(Arcane Item)

One use only. A Power Stone is imbued with a powerful magical invocation. When it is activated by a Wizard before, he rolls any dice to cast a spell, the effect is to enhance the efficacy of the spell. Two dice are added to the casting roll (they can be the only two dice used to cast the spell). Note that using a Power Stone will allow a Wizard to use more power dice than he is normally permitted. For example, a second level Wizard may activate a Power Stone and thus use five power dice to cast a spell (3 basic + 2 from the Power Stone). A Power Stone can only be used once - after one use its power is exhausted.

In a similar way to scrolls, Power Stones are not unique items, but they are prepared by a Wizard prior to battle. It is therefore possible for several Wizards to carry Power Stones, and for a Wizard to carry more than one, in addition to one other arcane item. However, only one Power Stone can be used to cast a spell.

Staff of Sorcery(Arcane Item)

A Wizard who has this benefits from the arcane power stored within it. Whenever he dispels a spell, his dispel result is increased by 1.

Magic Standards

War Banner(Magic Standard)

The War Banner carries powerful enchantments that fill all those who fight beneath it with heroic courage and determination, A unit that has a War Banner adds a further +1 to its combat resolution when working out which side has won the combat.

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