Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Bound Spells
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Some magic items contain bound spells spells that are wrought into their very fabric and can be unleashed by their wielder during the magic phase. Possessing a bound spell item does not make a character a Wizard.

The spell held in a magic item is cast in the player's magic phase just like other spells (for example, it cannot be cast by fleeing models) and can be countered in the same way as ordinary spells.

Bound spells are cast automatically no power dice are needed. A spell from a bound spell item can be cast once per magic phase. Each bound spell item has a power level included in its description. An opponent must score equal to or greater than this power level to dispel the spell, or he can use Dispel Scrolls as normal. Magic items that dispel and destroy spells work as normal against spells cast from a bound spell.

A character cannot have more than one magic item containing a bound spell.

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