Orcs & Goblins
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If you are looking for a fight, you've found it! The Orcs and Goblins are brutal but cunning greenskinned warriors whose only goal is to rampage and slaughter.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Grimgor Ironhide, Azhag on foot, Orc Warboss, Savage Orc Warboss, Black Orc Warboss, Orc Great Shaman, Savage Orc Great Shaman, Orc Big Boss, Savage Orc Big Boss, Black Orc Big Boss, Orc Shamn, Savage Orc Shaman25x251
Grom on foot, Skarsnik, Gobbla, Goblin Warboss, Night Goblin Warboss, Goblin Great Shaman, Night Goblin Great Shaman, Goblin Big Boss, Night Goblin Boss, Goblin Shaman, Night Goblin Shaman20x201
Gorbad Ironclaw, Wolf or Boar Mounted Character25x502
Azhag on Skullmuncha, Wyvern Mounted Character50x505+1
Grom, Chariot Mounted Character50x1004+1
Great Cave Squig40x403
Great Cave Squig Mounted Character40x403+1
Orc, Orc Big 'Un, Orc Arrer Boy, Savage Orc Boy, Savage Orc Big 'Un, Black Orc25x251
Goblin, Night Goblin, Night Goblin Squig Hopper, Night Goblin Squig Herder, Squig20x201
Wolf Riders, Spider Riders, Orc Boar Boyz, Savage Orc Board Boyz25x502
Goblin Wolf Chariot or Orc Boar Chariot50x1004
Rock Lobber, Spear Chukka, Doom Diver-3
Snotling Pump Wagon50x503