Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

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This section introduces such things as mighty wizards, magical spells and sorcerous items into the Warhammer game. In the Warhammer world, magic is a very real force - a force to be both feared and respected.

Only beings that possess awesome mental and physical power can even hope to bend the powers of magic to their will. Lesser persons would be consumed in an instant their minds torn apart by unfettered energies and their souls dragged to the darkest underworld by cackling daemons. Even the most accomplished of sorcerers walk a narrow path at the edge of sanity, between ultimate power and eternal damnation.

In the Warhammer world, all magic is derived from the same source - the fickle Winds of Magic. From the Realm of Chaos in the north, this magical gale spills across the world bringing with it the power for great good or evil. The potency of the Winds of Magic vary from time to time, waxing and waning as the rent in reality in the north expands and contracts.

Wizards must therefore learn to use best what power they can, tapping into the winds to channel its energies into their spells, or disrupting its flow to dispel the incantations of others, Thus, magic is not a sure strategy for any general, for though it can sweep aside whole armies when it is strong, it can just as easily slip through the grip of a caster with no effect.

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