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The fibre of reality itself is torn apart as a passage to the Realm of Chaos opens. A gigantic taloned hand emerges from the gate, seizes the screaming Wizard and drags him through the rift, disappearing with a chuckle in a flare of multi-coloured light. The Wizard is annihilated and immediately removed as a casualty, regardless of any protective magic item or special rule he might have. Models in base contact, friend or foe including the Wizard's monster or chariot mount) suffer one Strength 10 hit (no armour saves allowed) as their flesh mutates and their soul is sucked away.


The Wizard's body is wracked by a discharge of pure magical energy, warping and burning everything in his close proximity. The Wizard and all models in base contact with him (including his monstrous mount or chariot) suffer a Strength 6 hit, with no armour saves allowed.


The magical energies backlash as the Wizard loses his concentration. The opposing player may immediately cast any one of his own spells. No casting roll is required - the spell is automatically cast - but it can be dispelled by the player whose turn it is as normal (by using power dice in the same way as dispel dice). He needs to beat the basic casting value of the spell to dispel it.


The Wizard struggles to keep the magical energies in check. The caster suffers one Strength 2 hit (no armour saves allowed), loses all his remaining power dice and cannot do anything else during this magic phase.


A massive vortex of power drains away the sorcerous energy. The caster suffers one Strength 4 hit (no armour saves allowed). In addition, all spells currently in play on the entire battlefield are automatically dispelled and the magic phase ends. All power and dispel dice stored in magic items are also lost.


The caster's mind is ravaged by the attention of a hideous Daemon. The caster suffers one Strength 8 hit (no armour saves allowed) and loses a Wizard level (the spell lost must be the one he just attempted to cast). If the caster reaches Level 0, he stops counting as a Wizard and therefore will not be able to use any arcane magic items he is carrying (see the Magic Items section) and will generate no power/dispel dice.


The caster mispronounces one of the secret words of power binding the power of the spell, triggering an anomaly. The spell he attempted to cast is successful and counts as having been cast with irresistible force, but after this the caster forgets how to cast the spell and will not be able to cast it again during this battle.

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