Casting Spells
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Once the players have gathered the appropriate number of power and dispel dice, the player whose turn it is can begin to cast spells.

In a player's magic phase, each of his Wizards on the battlefield can attempt to cast each of his spells only once.

Spell casting is determined by rolling dice, and the number of dice available to roll limits the number of spells that can be attempted.

Fleeing Wizards and those not on the table cannot attempt to cast spells. Note that Wizards who have rallied in the movement phase can act as normal in the magic phase.

To cast a spell, a Wizard nominates one of his spells to cast and declares the target of the spell.

Wizards cannot cast spells at units engaged in close combat, unless the spell only affects the caster himself or the spell's description specifies otherwise.

Then the player declares how many power dice the Wizard is going to use to try to cast the spell. These dice can be taken from the Wizard's own reserve of dice and from the pool of power dice, in any combination. The maximum number of power dice a Wizard can use to cast a spell is one more than the Wizard's level, as shown in the chart.

Maximum Casting Dice Chart

Wizard LevelMaximum Number of Dice
Level 12
Level 23
Level 34
Level 45

The dice are rolled and their results added together to get a casting result. For example, if one dice scores 4 the result is 4, if two dice score 4 and 6 the result is 10, if three dice score 3, 5 and 6 the result is 14.

Each spell has an associated casting value, which varies from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15, depending on how difficult a spell is to cast. Spells with higher casting values are more powerful and more dangerous to cast. If the casting result equals or exceeds the spell's casting value, the spell is cast: (though it may still be dispelled and neutralised by enemy Wizards). If the result is less than the spell's casting value, it is not cast.

In either case, all dice rolled are expended. As can be appreciated, the chances of casting a spell can be increased by rolling more dice, but doing so will reduce the number remaining and hence the chances of casting further spells.

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