Dispel Dice
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The dispel dice are expended throughout the magic phase when attempting to dispel spells that have been cast by the opposing player.

At the same time as the player whose turn it is gets his power dice, his opponent makes a pool of dispel dice. This pool consists of two dispel dice plus one further dice for each first or second level Wizard or Dwarf Runesmith in his army, and two dice for each third or fourth level Wizard or Dwarf Runelord in his army.

With an army of Dwarfs, an innately magic-resistant race, the player may add two more dice and, as with power dice, magic items and special rules can add dice to the dispel pool.

Differently from power dice, all dispel dice are collected into the dispel pool and can freely be used by any of the Wizards in the army to dispel enemy spells - they can be used even if there are no Wizards in the army. As with power dice, the dice forming the dispel pool should be placed in front of the player where they can be seen, or alternatively placed into a cup, a box or some other convenient place where they will not get mixed up with other dice used in that magic phase.

Fleeing models, and those that are not on the table, do not generate dispel dice.

Dispel Dice Pool

Number of Dispel Dice





Each first level Wizard, second level Wizard and Runesmith


Each third level Wizard, fourth level Wizard and Runelord


Extra dice from magic items and special rules


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