Wizard Levels
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In the Warhammer game we divide Wizards into four degrees of ability called levels.

Level 1: Wizards of the first level are those of basic ability, although their skills are still highly valued by army generals.

Level 2: Wizards of the second level are experienced spellcasters whose powers are significantly greater than mere first level Wizards.

Level 3: Wizards of the third level are great sorcerers of a kind rarely seen on the battlefield except in times of dire need.

Level 4: Wizards of the fourth level are the mightiest of all Wizards, the very equal of kings amongst the realms of sorcery.

The higher a Wizard's level, the greater his ability to draw magical power from the Winds of Magic.

Each Wizard begins the game with one pre- generated spell for each magic level he has. We'll explain how to generate spells later. For now it is sufficient to know that first level Wizards have one spell, second level Wizards have two, and so on.

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