Flee & Pursue
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Once you have completed all of the Break tests resulting from the combat, it is time for broken troops to flee and for victorious troops to surge forward, cutting down their retreating foes as their backs are turned.

We shall first consider the situation where all broken units are fleeing in the same direction, as it is the most common. The complex situation created by units fleeing in several different directions will be dealt with later.

The sequence of actions for this most decisive moment of the battle is as follows:

Flee/Pursue Sequence

  • If any victorious unit does not wish to pursue, take a test to try to restrain them.

  • Roll the dice to determine the flee distance of each fleeing unit.

  • Roll the dice to determine the pursue distance of the pursuing unit.

  • Remove each fleeing unit that has failed to outrun its pursuers.

  • Move directly away from its pursuers each fleeing unit that has managed to outrun them.

  • Move the pursuing units directly after the fleeing enemies.

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