Subsequent Actions of Fleeing Troops
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If they are not destroyed and fail to rally (see the movement phase), fleeing units continue to move 2D6" or 3D6" during their subsequent movement phases. This is their flee roll. They must attempt to leave the battlefield as quickly as possible, which means that they will move straight towards the nearest table edge. Pivot the unit on the spot to face the direction it is fleeing in and then move it the distance indicated by the dice roll. This is a 'compulsory move' so fleeing troops are moved before other troops, once charges have been declared (see the Movement section). Due to their disorganised formation, they ignore penalties for obstacles and terrain (except for impassable terrain) and may move through friendly units (causing a Panic test), enemy units with a unit strength of less than 5, and fleeing enemy units.

A unit that is fleeing cannot fight, shoot or use magic, and is immune to all psychology.

If any model from a fleeing unit moves into contact with a non-fleeing enemy unit with a unit strength of 5 or more, impassable terrain or the edge of the table, the entire unit is destroyed. The troops have been scattered beyond recovery or have found places to hide themselves until the battle is over.

If an enemy unit successfully charges a unit that is already fleeing, the unit automatically declares and executes a flee reaction from the charge. The charge is then resolved as normal

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