Warriors of Chaos
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From the frozen reaches of the north come the Warriors of Chaos, a race of battle-hardened killers hell-bent on slaughter and destruction. Feared above all other foes, they are men of steel and fire, unrelenting in their dark and glorious quest to conquer the world in the name of their blasphemous gods.


Hero Units

Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Sivgald, Valkia, Vilitch, Chaos Lord, Sorcerer Lord, Festus, Wulfrik, Sorcerer, Exalted Hero25x251
Galrauch, Chaos Dragon Mounted Character50x1006
Kholek Suneater50x1008
Daemon Prince, Throgg, Scyla Anfingrimm40x403
Chaos Steed Mounted Character25x502
Chariot Mounted Character50x1004+1
Daemonic Mounted Character50x503+1
Mantigore Mounted Character50x504+1
Chaos Warrior, Marauder, Chosen, Forsaken25x251
Chaos Warhound, Marauder Horseman, Chaos Knight25x502
Chaos Chariot, Chaos Warhrine50x1004
Chaos Ogre, Dragon Ogre, Chaos Troll, Chaos Spawn40x403
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, Giant50x1006