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The jungle continent of Lustria is home to the crumbling, ruined empire of the Lizardmen. Lustria was once the realm of gods, for aeons ago the mysterious Old Ones ruled and the Lizardmen were their servants. With the Great Catastrophe and the coming of Chaos, the Old Ones departed the world. The Lizardmen were stranded, left to interpret the Great Plan their masters had set in motion. That work has continued for many thousands of years, and now, with Chaos in the ascendant, the cold-blooded denizens of Lustria stir, ready to punish all who stand in the way of their sacred mission.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Lord Kroak, Lord Mazdamundi (on palanquin), Slann Mage-Priest50x503
Kroq-Gar (on foot), Saurus Oldblood, Chakax, Gor-Rok, Scar-Veteran25x251
Tiktaq'to, Terradon Mounted Character40x402
Oxyotl, Skink Chief, Skink Priest20x201
Kroq-Gar on Grymloq, Carnosaur Mounted Character50x505+1
Mazdamundi on Zlaaq, Ancient Stegadon Mounted Character, Stegadon Mounted Character50x10010
Cold One Mounted Character25x502
Saurus Warrior, Temple Guard25x251
Skink, Skink Skirmisher, Chameleon Skink20x201
Jungle Swarm, Kroxigor40x403
Saurus Cavalry25x502
Terradon Rider40x401
Stegadon, Ancient Stegadon50x10010
Salamander, Barded Razordon40x403
Skink Handler20x201