Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Lore of Fire
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Aqshy, the Fire Wind, is utilised by pyromancers to summon magical flames and create whirling fireballs. These Wizards are of fiery temperament and quick to anger. In the Empire, the Lore of Fire is studied by the Bright College.

All spells in this list are flaming attacks.

1. FireballCasting Value: 5+

The wizard conjures a flaming missile from his bands and hurls it towards the enemy where it explodes and showers the foe with magical fire.

This is a magic missile with a range of 24". If successfully cast, the Fireball hits its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits.

2. Flaming Sword of RhuinCasting Value: 5+

A glowing blade materialises in the caster's band, rippling with magical flames and the concentrated power of fire magic. Fast as quicksilver, the blade strikes with great power and accuracy and there are few who can survive the searing wounds it inflicts.

Remains in play. This spell is cast on the Wizard himself. A magical flaming blade materialises in the Wizard's grasp. This counts as a magic weapon. The Wizard gains +1 additional Attack to his profile for the duration of the spell. All the Wizard's attacks will hit on a basic score of 2+ and he adds +3 to his Strength whilst using the Sword of Rhuin. Whilst he has the Flaming Sword, the Wizard must use it as his sole weapon - he cannot combine it with other weapons.

3. The Burning HeadCasting Value: 8+

The wizard unleashes a terrifying vision that laughs insanely as it burns a trail of destruction across the battlefield.

A spectral flaming skull shoots 18" from the caster in a straight direct path (any direction chosen by the controlling player). Each model that lies in the direct path of the Burning Head suffers a Strength 4 hit (this is resolved much in the same way as a bouncing cannonball). Any unit suffering one or more unsaved wounds from the Burning Head must take a Panic test.

4. Fiery BlastCasting Value: 8+

The wizard hurls an incandescent gout of magical flames towards the enemy.

The Fiery Blast is an especially dangerous magic missile - it is more powerful version of the Fireball, being both more powerful and harder to cast. The Fiery Blast has a range of up to 24" If successfully cast, the Fiery Blast hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 4 hits.

5. Conflagration of DoomCasting Value: 11+

This volatile conjuration allows a wizard to engulf whole units of enemy warriors in a blazing inferno.

This can be cast on one enemy unit anywhere on the table, as long as it is visible to the caster. If successfully cast, the target bursts into flames taking D6 Strength 4 hits. The target can take additional hits depending on how long the fire burns. To represent this, both players immediately roll a D6. If the casting player's dice score is lower than or equal to his opponent's, the flames go out and nothing else happens, but if he rolls higher, add the dice roll to the number of hits caused. Both players then roll a further D6 and repeat the process until the casting player rolls equal to or less than his opponent. Once the casting player fails to roll higher, no further hits are caused. Roll to wound as normal for all extra hits caused in this way.

6. Wall of FireCasting Value: 12+

The wizard raises a blazing wall of fire in front of an enemy regiment.

Remains in play. This spell has a range of 24". Each model (including characters) in the unit's front rank suffers one automatic Strength 4 hit.

As long as the spell is in play, if the target unit moves for any reason, every model in the unit suffers a further Strength 4 hit, and then the spell is automatically dispelled.

If cast on units with a 360° line of sight, such as skirmishers, the Wall of Fire does not form and the spell has the same effect as a Fireball.

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