Lore of Shadow
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Those that deal with the Lore of Shadow are often distrusted, suspicious figures. They are illusionists that use the Wind of Ulgu to create glamours and nightmarish terrors. of all the Colleges of Magic, it is the Grey Order that perhaps are feared the most by common men.

Tendrils of night entwine the sorcerer before coalescing into a coal-black drake, that carries the wizard away on wings of night.

This spell may be cast upon the Wizard himself or any single friendly character within 12" of him, no line of sight is required. The spell can only be cast on a model with a unit strength of 1 (it won't work on a mounted model or a model riding in a chariot, for example), even if engaged in close combat. If successfully cast, the model can make a normal flight move of up to 20", which may be a charge (the charged unit gets its normal charge reactions). The model can even fly out of close combat if desired, but in this case it cannot charge.

As the wizard stretches out his hand, the shadow beneath it comes alive with dark, wriggling things that spread out toward the target, becoming a nightmarish torrent that washes over them, ripping and tearing.

Creeping Death is a magic missile with a range of up to 24". If successfully cast, the Creeping Death hits its targets and causes 3D6 Strength 1 hits. No armour saves are allowed against wounds caused by the Creeping Death.

The wizard summons up an aura of ectoplasmic tendrils that writhe over his head. These lash at anything around the caster, suffocating their victims in an embrace of choking death.

If successfully cast, all units within 12" of the caster are affected, friend and foe alike, even if engaged in close combat (excluding the caster himself!). Each unit takes D6 Strength 4 hits, distributed exactly like shooting.

The wizard changes the appearance of his comrades so that all enemies will see the decaying bodies of their long-dead brothers and friends walking against them.

Remains in play. This spell can be targeted on any single friendly unit within 12" of the Wizard, even if the unit is engaged in close combat. The unit now causes Fear. If the unit already causes Fear, it now causes Terror instead.

5. Unseen LurkerCast on 11+

The allies of the wizard are shrouded by mystical fog that bides them from view and allows them to travel unseen in the realm of mists.

This spell can be cast on a friendly unit within 12". The unit can immediately make a move in the same way as a normal move made in the movement phase. The unit can charge an enemy if opportunity permits, and the same rules apply as for a normal charge made during the movement phase.

6. Pit of ShadesCast on 12+

The earth opens beneath the feet of the enemy and the terrified warriors fall screaming into a bottomless pit filled with shadow and the incessant wailing of 'Those who dwell below'.

The Pit of Shades can be cast on any one unengaged enemy unit within 24" and visible to the caster. If successfully cast, the ground falls away beneath the unit's feet.

Take the small round template and place it over a single enemy unit. All models in the target unit completely under the template are automatically hit and those partially covered by it are hit on a 4+ on a D6. Models hit must immediately take an Initiative test to avoid falling into the pit. If the test is passed, the model is not affected, but models failing this test are swallowed up by the ground and removed as casualties, regardless of any magical protection or special rules they may have. After this, the ground seals up and closes the pit, leaving no trace.

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