Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Lore of Heavens
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In the cities of Men, the Lore of the Heavens is called astromancy. The Winds of Azyr bring with them prophecy and foresight, and through its power the Celestial Wizards of the Imperial Colleges can glean the future from the stars and moons.

1. Portent of FarCasting Value: 5+

Divining auspicious signs, the wizard guides the minds of his fellow warriors, allowing them to predict the actions of their foes.

This spell can be cast on a friendly unit within 12", even if engaged in close combat.

If successfully cast, all subsequent dice rolls of a 1 made either to hit or to wound by that unit can be re-rolled that turn. Re-rolled scores of 1 stand - you can never re-roll a re-rolled dice.

2. Second Sign of AmulCasting Value: 5+

The wizard conjures up an astrological prophecy, looking into the future along the Winds of Magic. With this knowledge, be forewarns his comrades of the enemy's intent.

This spell gives the player a chance of re-rolling dice during the remainder of his own turn. These re-rolls may be used for rolls to hit, rolls to wound, armour saves and ward saves.

If successfully cast, roll a D3 to determine the number of re-rolls the player can make. Any re- rolls not used by the end of the caster's turn are wasted.

3. Celestial ShieldCasting Value: 7+

The wizard manipulates the magic of the air to raise a scintillating blue shield capable of deflecting even the most powerful of projectiles.

Remains in play. This spell can be cast on a friendly unit that is visible to the caster and within 24". The unit has a 4+ ward save against all normal and magic missiles.

4. Forked LightningCasting Value: 6+

Roiling clouds of energy gather over the wizard as he chants incessantly, until arcs of lightning streak down from the skies, blasting the foe.

This spell can be cast on any enemy unit in sight of the caster. If successfully cast, the unit is struck by lightning causing D6 Strength 4 hits.

5. Uranon's Thunder BoltCasting Value: 9+

With a crack of thunder that shakes the ground, the wizard calls down an almighty ball of lightning from the dark clouds above the battlefield.

This spell can be cast on any enemy unit in sight of the caster. If successfully cast, the unit is struck by a thunderbolt causing D6 Strength 4 hits with no armour save possible.

6. The Comet of CasandoraCasting Value: 12+

Reaching out across the Winds of Magic into the highest heavens, the wizard draws in wandering meteorite and hurls it towards the battlefield.

Remains in play. This spell can be cast upon any fixed point on the tabletop. If successfully cast, place a suitable marker over the exact spot affected - a small coin is ideal for this.

For as long as the spell lasts, the player rolls a D6 at the start of each player's turn (ie, at the start of his turn and at the start of his opponent's turn). On a score of 1-3 nothing happens, but place another marker on the first. On the score of a 4-6 the spot is struck by the comet. All units from either side that are within D6" multiplied by the number of markers already placed are struck by the comet. Each unit struck by the comet takes 2D6 Strength 4 hits. For example, if there are two markers in place and the D6 roll is a 4, all units within 4 x2 = 8" are struck. A successful dispel neutralises the spell completely and all counters are removed.

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