The Close Combat Phase
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  • Pick any one of the combats on the table and resolve it, following the sequence given below.

  • Pick another combat and resolve it.

  • Continue like this until all combats are resolved.

1. Fight Combat
Models in base contact with the enemy will fight, as explained in the rules that follow.

2. Combat Result
Work out which side has won the combat and by how much. If the fight is not a draw, the losing side will have lost by 1, 2 or more 'points'.

3. Break Test
Each unit on the losing side must take a Break test. Any units failing their Break test are deemed broken' and will run away.

4. Flee & Pursue
Units that have broken must flee away from their enemy. Units whose enemies have broken and fled that turn are allowed to pursue them and might possibly catch and destroy them.

5. Redress Ranks
Units are tidied up, ready to continue the battle.

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