Fight Combats
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Work out each combat one at a time in the order chosen by the player whose turn it is - resolve each combat completely, including any flee and pursue moves, before moving on to the next combat.

A combat is often a fight between a single unit of troops from each side, but it is possible that several units, monsters and heroes may become involved in the same fight (see Diagram 33.1 - Examples of Combat). So long as fighting units are interconnected, they are participating in the same combat. The combat results for such a combat apply to all the units involved.

33.1 - Examples of Combat: On this part of the battlefield there are three separate combats: 1) An Empire unit and an Empire hero fighting against a unit of Goblins. 2) A huge fight with two units of Empire troops against two units of Goblins and an Orc Chariot. 3) A combat involving an Empire unit and the crew of a Great Cannon against a unit of Goblins and an Orc Wyvern Rider.

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