The Empire
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The Empire is a vast land of Men that fights for its survival with each passing day. Ruled over by the Emperor Karl Franz, the discipline and martial skill of its armies is renowned throughout the Old World.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Karl Franz (on foot), Volkmar (on foot), Balthasar Gelt (on foot), General, Arch Lector, Wizard Lord, Captain, Warrior Priest, Battle Wizard, Master Engineer20x201
Kurt Helborg, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Grand Master, Warhorse Mounted Character25x502
Karl Franz (on Deathclaw), Griffon Mounted Character50x504+1
Imperial Dragon Mounted Character50x506+1
Balthasar Gelt (mounted), Imperial Pegasus Mounted Character40x403+1
Character on War Altar50x1005
Halberdier, Spearman, Swordsman, Handgunner, Crossbowmen, Archer, Huntsman, Free Company, Flagellant, Crewman20x201
Knight, Inner Circle Knight, Pistolier, Outrider25x502
Great Cannon, Mortar, Helblaster Volley Gun, Helstorm Rocket Battery-3
Steam Tank80x12010