Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Lore of Death
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Though reviled by most, the necromancer plays an important role in the world, for through his power the spirits of the dead can be contacted, while the power of Death itself lies in his hands. The grim Amethyst Wizards use the chilling Wind of Shyish to aid the counsels of the Emperor and support his armies.

1. Dark Hand of DeathCasting Value: 5+

The wizard creates a shadowy avatar of himself, and sets it loose upon the foe to freeze blood, marrow and heart.

This is a magic missile with a range of up to 24" If successfully cast, the spell hits its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits.

2. Steal SoulCasting Value: 8+

Binding the balance of life and death into bis service the wizard reaches out to a chosen foe, tearing their mind and body asunder.

This spell can be cast on any enemy model within 12" (with no targeting restrictions whatsoever). The enemy model loses 1 Wound. No armour save is allowed. In addition, the casting Wizard gains 1 Wound for the duration of the battle. This spell can be used to increase the caster's Wounds characteristic beyond its normal maximum level, and can be used several times to increase the caster's Wounds even further.

3. Wind of DeathCasting Value: 8+

The caster gathers unto him a cloud of black and icy shards, each one a vengeful fragment of a stolen destiny, and hurls them with crushing force towards his enemies, relentlessly stripping flesh from bone.

This is a magic missile with a range of 24". If successfully cast, the spell hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 4 hits.

4. Walking DeathCasting Value: 9+

An invisible aura of dread surrounds the warriors chosen by the wizard.

Remains in play. This spell can be targeted on any single friendly unit within 12" of the Wizard, even if the unit is engaged in close combat. The unit now causes Fear. If the unit already causes Fear, it now causes Terror instead.

5. Doom & Darkness!Casting Value: 9+

Vittor de Avertila's greatest work, this spell compels the spirits of the departed to assail the caster's foes, choking the sky with darkness and sapping their resolve with an icy touch.

This spell can be cast upon one enemy unit that is within 24" of the caster, even if engaged in combat. If successfully cast, the unit is shrouded by a black cloud of despair.

For the duration of the turn, the affected unit will suffer a -3 penalty to any Leadership-based test it is required to take. At the start of its following turn, the unit must take and pass a Leadership test (at -3), otherwise it remains affected for the duration of that turn as well. After this, the spell's effects end. Units that are Immune to Psychology are not affected by this spell.

6. Drain LifeCasting Value: 10+

Calling forth the oldest and most powerful of magics, the Death Wizard directs the forces of entropy against all who oppose him, tearing their souls from their bodies and casting them into the void.

If cast successfully, each enemy unit within 12" of the Wizard is affected, even if engaged in close combat.

Each unit takes D6 Strength 3 hits. No armour saves are allowed against a Drain Life spell. These hits are distributed exactly like hits from shooting.

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