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To the east of the Empire are the Worlds Edge Mountains. Here, between the so-called civilised lands of Men and the desolated regions of the Dark Lands, are the ancestral holds of one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer world - the Dwarfs. Their domains were once greater, but woe betide anyone who talks of decline in the company of a Dwarf! Karaz Ankor (as they call their realm) remains as resolute and unyielding as ever. In these dark times the Dwarfs are a bastion of honour, strength and courage in a world assailed by Chaos.


Base Sizes

Base Size (mm)Unit Strength
Thorgrim Grudgebearer & Throne of Power40x605
Dwarf Lord, Runelord, Daemon Slayer, Josef Bugman, Thane, Runesmith, Master Engineer, Dragon Slayer20x201
Character on Oath Stone40x203
Dwarf Warrior, Quarreller, Thunderer, Longbeard, Miner, Hammerer, Ironbreaker, Troll Slayer, Giant Slayer, Artillery Crew, Engineer20x201
Bolt Thrower, Grudge Thrower, Cannon, Flame Cannon, Organ Gun-3
Thorek Ironbrow, Anvil of Doom60x605