Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Unit Strength
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Warhammer has several rules (such as outnumbering, fear, etc) where the unit with greater weight of numbers gains an advantage over its opponents. To measure this, each unit has a unit strength. In the case of most infantry units, you just need to count the number of models in the unit for example, 15 Men on foot have a unit strength of - 15 and clearly outnumber eight Elves on foot (unit strength 8).

Models such as cavalry, monsters, war machines, chariots, etc, are individually more powerful than a single man on foot. For example, each cavalry model counts as two infantry. To establish the unit strength of all your different units, you need to use the chart below.

Model TypeUnit Strength
Roughly man-sized; Square 20/25 mm base; On foot1
Up to & including Ogre-sized;* Square 40/50 mm base; On foot3
Monster (larger than Ogre-sized);** Any base/no baseStarting Wounds
Cavalry;*** 25 x 50 mm base2
Ridden monsters/chariotsEqual to monster/chariot +1
War machinesEqual to the number of crew remaining
Units of flyers1
Flying cavalry2

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