The Turn Phases
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1. Start of the Turn Phase
The rules often call upon a player to make tests or actions at the start of a turn. These are mostly Psychology tests (as discussed in the Psychology section), or special rules that apply to a specific race, such as the Animosity rule for Orcs & Goblins (described in the relevant Armies book).

2. Movement Phase
During the movement phase you may move your models as defined in the rules for movement.

3. Magic Phase
In the magic phase your Wizards may cast spells. The full rules for spellcasting and magic are described at the end of the rules section - they are quite advanced and not needed right from the start.

4. Shooting Phase
During the shooting phase you may fire any missile weapons as described in the rules for shooting.

5. Close Combat Phase
During the close combat phase all troops in close combat fight. This is an exception to the normal turn sequence in that both sides fight, not just the side whose turn it is.

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