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To wheel, the leading edge of the formation moves forward, pivoting round one of the front corners. The unit swings round like the spoke of a turning wheel and completes the manoeuvre facing different direction (See Diagram 13.1).

13.1 - Wheeling a Unit: To wheel, one corner of the formation is moved forward while leaving the opposite corner stationary to act as a pivot. The unit swings round the wheel and completes the manoeuvre facing a different direction. Here we see a unit making three wheels to move round a wood.

When it wheels, the entire unit counts as having moved as far as the outside model. Once the wheel is complete, you may use any movement that the unit has remaining.

For example, a unit of Empire Spearmen might wheel 2" to the left and move 2" straight forward, for a total move of 4.

A unit can wheel several times during its move as long as it has enough movement to do so and is not charging. A unit that is charging is only able to wheel once, as described later.

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