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To execute a turn manoeuvre, all the models remain in place but are turned around through 90° or 180° to face their side or rear. To make a turn, a unit must surrender a quarter of its move.

For example, a unit with a Move of 4" must give up 1" in order to turn.

A unit is allowed to turn several times during its move unless it is charging or marching, in which case it cannot turn at all, but can only wheel.

When a unit is turned to face its side or rear, its champion is automatically rearranged into the front rank along with the standard bearer, musician and any other characters that are in the unit (See Diagram 13.2 - Turning). If there is not enough space in the front rank, such models are rearranged into the rear ranks.

13.2 - Turning: Spending a quarter of its move, the unit may turn 90° to face its left/right or 180° to face its back. Note the two warriors in the incomplete rank at the back moving to take their position in the rearmost rank after all the other models have turned on the spot.

When a unit is turned to face its side or rear, all models in the complete ranks are simply turned on the spot, while the models in the incomplete rank are moved to the rear of the unit in its new formation, as shown in Diagram 13.2.

The most common use of the turn manoeuvre is for a unit to turn around 90° or 180°, move half their normal move and then turn back to its original position. This effectively means that units can move backwards or sideways at half speed.

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