Units Fleeing from the Charge
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Occasionally, a flee charge reaction may cause complex situations to arise. The examples that follow cover the most common cases:

If a unit flees as it is charged, then it will move directly away from its chargers either 2D6" or 3D6" depending on whether its Movement rate is up to 6" or more than 6", as explained on page 19. It may be that fleeing troops move too far for the chargers to catch them, in which case the charge fails and the chargers must move their normal Move rate exactly as for any other failed charge (See Diagram 22.2).

22.2 - Units Fleeing from the Charge: The Spearmen declare a charge against the Goblins, which decide to flee.
22.2 - Units Fleeing from the Charge: The Goblins are first pivoted around their centre to face directly away from the charging enemy unit (as shown by the dotted lines).
22.2 - Units Fleeing from the Charge: The Goblins are then moved the distance rolled, directly away from the chargers.
22.2 - Units Fleeing from the Charge: Assuming that the chargers cannot reach the target, they fail the charge and execute a normal move after the fleeing unit, trying to get as close as possible to their final position.

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