Rally Fleeing Troops
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Having declared charges and charge responses, the player whose turn it is has the opportunity to rally each of his units that are currently fleeing, except for those that have begun to flee earlier during the same turn. Troops are normally forced to flee when they are defeated in close combat and that is why the rules for fleeing troops can be found in the Close Combat section of this book. They might also flee if they are frightened by terrifying monsters, or if they have suffered some other unusually traumatic experience. Fleeing troops are of no fighting value unless they can be rallied, which means they come to their senses and stop fleeing in readiness to fight once more.

In the 'rally fleeing troops' part of the movement phase, the player picks any one of his fleeing units and tests to rally it. (as explained below). He then proceeds to the next fleeing unit and attempts to rally it, and so on, in any order he wishes.

To determine whether his fleeing units manage to rally, the player takes a Rally test, which is a normal Leadership test (see page 5). If the test is passed, the unit stops fleeing and has rallied. The unit must immediately execute a reform manoeuvre. If the fleeing troops fail their Rally test and continue to flee, they are moved next along with other compulsory moves, as described later.

If a fleeing unit has suffered a number of casualties it may be unable to rally - its warriors are too demoralised. If the number of models in a fleeing unit (including any characters that have joined the unit) is equal to or more than 25% of the unit's original numbers, the unit is still able to rally. If a fleeing unit (including any characters that have joined the unit) has less than 25% of its original numbers left, the unit cannot rally and will continue to flee until it leaves the table or is destroyed. Characters may never join/leave a fleeing unit.

For example, if a unit that was ten models strong, is reduced to two models and begins to flee, it cannot rally. If the same unit had been joined by a character before beginning to flee, it would now consist of three models and could still rally.

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