Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Compulsory Moves
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After the player whose turn it is has attempted to rally any units that are fleeing, it is time for him to make any compulsory moves that the rules require.

Generally speaking, a player can move his units however he wishes within the confines of the rules governing movement. However, sometimes troops go out of control for some reason, either because they are overcome by sheer terror, because they are compelled by magic, or because they are disorientated or confused. The player has no control over the movement of these troops and so these are referred to as compulsory moves.

The most common kind of compulsory move is fleeing. Fleeing troops initially flee away from whatever caused them to flee, and in subsequent turns towards the nearest table edge. They always move a randomly determined distance.

All compulsory movement is carried out before other movement takes place. This gives troops moving in this fashion the chance to get in the way, block lines of advance and do all sorts of other annoying things. Where both players have units subject to compulsory moves in the same phase (normally as a result of units fleeing from chargers), the player whose turn it is can decide in which order to resolve the

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