Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Obstacles & Terrain (Chariots)
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Chariots are not built to move over obstacles or difficult terrain, and they are likely to be damaged as their wheels strike rocks, their body becomes entangled in undergrowth, or they careen over a wall. If a chariot moves through any kind of difficult terrain or obstacle (except to cross a river at a bridge or a ford), the chariot sustains D6 S6 hits. Apply these hits immediately as the chariot touches the terrain/obstacle, treating them as hits from close combat (all the hits strike the chariot itself and not a character riding in it).

If the chariot is not destroyed, it can complete its move as normal and will not suffer such hits again if it crosses other obstacles or areas of difficult terrain during the same turn. If a unit of chariots moves through obstacles/difficult terrain, all models that. move through the terrain will suffer D6 Strength 6 hits per model.

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