Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Frenzy/Hatred (Characters)
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If the unit is affected by Frenzy or forced to pursue because of Hatred, a non-Frenzied/Hating character must move along with the unit but does not benefit from any bonus unless he is affected by Frenzy/Hatred himself. In other words, a character does not go into a frenzy just because he is with a unit that can do so, although he has no choice but to accompany them when they charge.

A Frenzied character must declare a charge and leave a unit he is with if the unit is not declaring a charge that turn and there are enemies within charge reach of the character.

A Frenzied/Hating character that has joined a unit of non-Frenzied/Hating models causes the unit he is with to always fail their test to restrain pursuit.

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