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Certain warriors can work themselves into fighting frenzy, a whirlwind of destruction in which all concern for personal safety is ignored in favour of mindless violence. Many of these frenzied warriors are drugged or entranced, and have driven themselves into a psychotic frenzy with chanting, singing, yelling and screaming. These troops are described as Frenzied. In the case of mounted troops, Frenzy affects both riders and their steeds.

In the declare charges part of the movement phase, after the charges of all non-Frenzied troops have been declared (including relative charge reactions), measure to see if any enemies are within charge reach of any Frenzied troops (ie, within the unit's charge move and in their normal arc of sight). If so, the Frenzied unit must declare a charge against that enemy. The player has no choice in the matter; the unit will automatically make its charge move. If there are several eligible units within the charge reach of the Frenzied unit, the controlling player may decide which unit to charge.

Frenzied models fight with +1 extra Attack during close combat. Models that have 1 Attack on their profile therefore have 2, models with 2 Attacks have 3, and so on.

Frenzied models must pursue fleeing enemy whether the player wants them to or not. Unlike other troops, they may not attempt to hold back as they are far too crazed with battle lust. They even pursue if they are defending an obstacle. If they wipe out an enemy in the turn they have charged, they will always overrun.

Frenzied troops that are defeated in close combat, as determined by the combat results, immediately lose their Frenzy (this happens before taking their Break test). Their exuberant, crazed frenzy has been thoroughly beaten out of them and they continue to fight as ordinary warriors for the remainder of the battle.

Frenzied units are Immune to Psychology as long as they are Frenzied.

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