Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Pistols (Shooting)
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We have already described how a pistol can be used in close combat. In addition, a pistol can shoot up to a distance of 8".

Pistols do not suffer the usual to hit penalties for shooting at long range or for moving and shooting.

Pistols require very little time to fire and so can always be used to stand & shoot against a charging enemy, even if the enemy starts its charge within half of its charge distance, and then used as hand weapons in
the ensuing close combat.

If a model carries two (a 'brace') or more pistols it counts as having 2x multiple shots with its pistols.

Maximum range: 8";

Strength: 4;

Rules (single pistol): Armour piercing, always stand & shoot.

Rules (brace of pistols): Armour piercing, always stand & shoot, 2x multiple shots.

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