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Instead of firing a normal shot, cannon crew can opt to fire grapeshot, loading the gun with rusty nails, handgun bullets and other small, sharp projectiles, effectively creating a huge blunderbuss!

To do this, pivot the cannon so that it is pointing towards the target and then roll the artillery dice.

If the result is a misfire, the cannon does not fire and the player must roll on the misfire chart.

If the result is a number, place the flame template so that the small end is touching the muzzle of the cannon. Models whose bases are fully covered by the template are hit automatically, while those whose bases are only partially covered are hit on a roll of 4+ on a D6. Models hit suffer a hit with a Strength equal to the number rolled on the artillery dice, with an additional -1 armour save modifier (this is the 'armour piercing' weapon rule). Unsaved wounds cause D3 wounds on the target.

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