Firing at Stone Thrower
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To work out hits from a stone thrower you will need the small 3" round template. The stone is not as big as the template, of course, (that would require a very large engine indeed) but it shatters on impact, sending shards of sharp stone over a wide area.

Pivot the stone thrower on the spot so it is pointing in the direction of the model it is going to fire against. Declare which enemy model is going to be the target (remember, the target has to be visible from the machine itself). Then declare how far the rock is to be fired - this can be any number of inches between a minimum of 12" and the maximum range of the stone thrower (normally 60"). Do this without measuring the distance to that target, so try to guess the range as accurately as possible. Once you have made your guess, measure that distance from the stone thrower itself along the line between the machine and the intended target, and then place the centre of the template directly over the spot where you have guessed.

For example, a stone thrower is firing at a unit of Bretonnian Knights. The player makes his guess and declares that the stone thrower is firing 28" directly towards the unit's champion. He then measures 28" towards the target. If be has made a good guess the template will lie over its intended target. If not, there's still a chance the stone may hit something.

To see whether the missile lands where it was aimed, roll the scatter dice and the artillery dice.

If a misfire has been rolled on the artillery dice, something has gone wrong - roll a D6 and consult the misfire chart. A misfire roll automatically cancels out the whole shot regardless of the scatter dice result. If a number is rolled on the artillery dice, this is the distance in inches the missile veers off target as shown by the arrow on the scatter dice. Move the template the distance indicated in the direction shown by the arrow.

If a hit is rolled on the scatter dice, the missile lands exactly where it was aimed and the numbers on the artillery dice are ignored, a number simply indicates that the shot has not misfired.

If an arrow is rolled on the scatter dice, the missile veers off in the direction shown by the arrow.

For example, the player guesses bang on and the template is placed directly in the middle of the chosen target. He then rolls both special dice. The scatter dice shows a hit! It has landed right on target. The artillery dice score is 4 - the number indicates that nothing is amiss - a fine hit!

Once it is established where the stone lands, damage can be worked out. Any model that lies completely under the template is hit automatically, while each model whose base lies partially under the template is hit on a 4+. See Diagram 93.1 for details.

93.1 - Number of Models Hit: SPLAT! The model at the exact centre point of the template is hit at double Strength. Four models are hit at normal Strength. Sixteen more can be hit on a 4+.

You will have to use your judgement and common sense to decide exactly which models lie under the template sometimes it is not easy to judge precisely.

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