Damage (Stone Throwers)
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Once it has been worked out which models are struck, work out damage in the usual way. Roll for each target to see whether it has suffered damage. Stone throwers normally have a Strength of 4 or more. Refer to the To Wound chart for details.

No armour saving throw is permitted against wounds from a stone thrower. When a big rock lands on you, you are squashed regardless of what armour you may be wearing! Ward saves may be taken as normal. Unsaved wounds from a stone thrower cause D6 wounds, but as most creatures have only 1 Wound, it is not necessary to take this dice roll. It is, however, useful when attacking characters, monsters, etc.

Any single model that lies directly under the centre of the template suffers one automatic hit at twice the stone thrower's usual Strength (even if its base is not completely covered by the template!) - the stone lands directly on top of that model. This means that a stone thrower can easily wound even a very tough monster or character.

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