Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Measuring Distances
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Whenever you are measuring the distance between two models, use a tape measure, ruler or other similar tool to measure the distance between the bases of the models.

Whenever you are measuring the distance between two units, always identify the two closest models in those units and then measure the distance between their bases (see Diagram 9.1).

9.1 - Measuring Distances: The distance between two units is measured from base to base. If the model has no base, choose a part of the model as a reference point (in this case the tip of the bolt).

If a model does not have a base, as is the case with some war machines, tell your opponent which part of the model you are measuring distances from/to and stick to it for the entire game (popular choices are: the closest part of the model, the muzzle of cannons, the crossbar of stone throwers, etc,).

Note that when measuring distances for a charge, slightly different rules are used in order to take into account manoeuvring, difficult terrain, etc, as explained later.

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