Skirmishers Charging Other Skirmishers
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When a skirmishing unit charges another skirmishing unit, take the model of the charging unit that is closest to the charged unit and move it into base contact with the closest model in the charged unit. Then, move all the charging models that can reach into a fighting line, lining them up with the first model moved, perpendicular to the line of charge. Other charging models that do not have enough movement to line up on the fighting line will form up behind it, as usual for skirmishers charging. Finally, the charged unit will form up as normal for a unit of skirmishers charged by an enemy unit (see Diagram 66.5 - Skirmishers Charging Skirmishers).

66.5 - Skirmishes Charging Skirmishers: The five charging skirmishers that can reach will line up with the closest enemy skirmisher. Once this is done, the enemy skirmishers will form up as normal.

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