Monsters & Handlers
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Some rare units are made up of a monster that is goaded into battle by a small group of handlers or beastmasters.

These units normally move as skirmishers. When charging or being charged though, the handlers are completely ignored (as if they were not there) and the monster is the only model that matters, The monster's arc of sight and flank/rear are used to determine arc of sight for charges and the relative position of a charging enemy, as well as any charge distance, psychological reaction and so on.

The monster is also capable of negating the rank bonus of an enemy unit it has charged to the flank/rear if its unit strength is high enough. Once the monster is in contact with the enemy, form the handlers up with the monster in the same way as you would for a unit of skirmishers. They will fight as normal in the ensuing fight.

When shooting at such units, the rules vary depending on the size of the monster and number of handlers. See the relevant Army book for details and other special rules that may apply to each unit.

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