Close Combat (Skirmishers)
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In close combat, skirmishers will remain in the ranked-up formation described above as long as the combat continues and will therefore have a front, flanks and rear as long as the fight continues, just like normal units. Skirmishers adopt their normal loose formation as soon as combat ends.

Skirmishers fight in a normal formation of ranks and files, but being extremely light troops, untrained in this form of combat, they lose most of the bonuses that apply to normal ranked-up units.

Skirmishers receive no combat bonus for the number of ranks in their own unit. Skirmishers do not negate the rank bonus of enemy units when fighting them in the flank or rear.

If a skirmishing unit pursues the enemy and leaves the table, in the following turn place all models in the unit in base contact with the table edge, as close as possible to the point the unit left the table from, and then move normally, as described in the close combat phase (remember that they cannot march).

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