Rolling to Hit
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The chance of a shooter scoring a hit on his target depends on his Ballistic Skill, or BS. The higher the individual's BS, the greater his chance of hitting.

To determine whether you hit, you must roll a D6 for each model that is shooting. Note that the number of Attacks a model has will not affect the _ number of shots - each model can shoot only once unless the weapon he carries has a special rule that allows it to fire more rapidly.

Count how many models in your unit are shooting and roll that number of dice. It is easiest to roll all the dice at once, although you don't have to. If there are a lot of models shooting, you might need to roll several batches of dice. The following table shows the minimum score you will need to hit.

Ballistic Skill12345678910
To Hit Score6543210-1-2-3

If you score equal to or greater than the number required, you have hit. If you score less, you have missed.

For example, you fire with five Empire Archers. Men have BS 3, so you need a score of at least 4 to bit. You roll five dice and score 1, 2, 2, 4, and 6 which equals two hits and three misses.

Of course, you cannot roll less than 1 on a D6, so troops with BS 6 or more will have a negative to hit score (see above). However, in Warhammer a To Hit roll of 1 on a D6 always fails, regardless of the dice modifiers and Ballistic Skill of the model.

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