Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Set Up Terrain
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Before beginning the game, the pieces of terrain must be set up on the table. Begin by selecting the terrain pieces you're going to use (you need an amount appropriate to the size of the game being played, as suggested in The Battlefield section earlier). Each player rolls a D6 to determine who starts to place terrain (re-roll any ties) - the highest scoring player goes first. The player chooses one piece of terrain and places it anywhere on the table, but more than 12" away from the centre of the table. Then his opponent does the same, and the two players keep alternating like this until the terrain pieces run out (for the best quantity of terrain pieces, see The Battlefield section earlier), or either player declares that he will pass and stops deploying terrain. His opponent may then deploy one last piece of terrain and then the terrain set-up is finished. Note that both players must deploy at least one piece of terrain before they can pass.

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