Multiple Targets
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It might happen that a unit cannot charge its intended target without simultaneously charging other enemy units. This is normally the case when charging a line of enemy units that are very close and flush to each other (see Diagram 24.1).

24.1 - Multiple Targets: The Goblins could choose to charge unit A or C, in order to fight only two enemy units. Instead they decided to charge unit B, to engage all three units in the fight. Unit B decided to stand & shoot and the units of Spearmen decided to hold their ground.

In such awkward cases, a unit is allowed to charge all the enemy units involved, which can all declare their own charge reaction.

Note that the charging unit must still try to engage as many models as possible from the intended target and then, after this condition has been met, it must try to engage as many models as possible in the other units charged.

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