Aligning Combatants
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Once the charging unit is in contact, it is automatically aligned against its enemy to form a battle line (See Diagram 22.1). This extra alignment move is free.

22.1 - Aligning the Chargers: As soon as the chargers touch their target, the unit stops. Align the chargers against the target unit. This extra alignment move is free, and might result in some Knights moving further than their charge move.

If it is impractical to align a unit properly because of interposing terrain, other models, or whatever, then it is acceptable to realign the charged unit as well. (or instead) so that the battle lines remain neat. A confusing situation may arise when interposing terrain or models make it impossible to align the whole unit, for example. Rather than clutter the rules with endless clarifications, we have included further examples on our website.

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