Manoeuvring During a Charge (Monsters)
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Like all units, monsters are more restricted in their movement during a charge. Monsters can pivot on the spot only once during a charge move, but are free to do this at any point during the move. This means they can either pivot and then charge in a straight line, or move directly forward, stop to pivot towards a different direction and then complete their move in a straight line (see Diagram 59.1 - Monsters Charging). Of course they must still abide by all normal rules governing charges, so they need to see their target at the beginning of the charge, cannot charge the flank of a unit if they start the charge in its front arc, must try to bring as many models as possible into the combat, and so on.

59.1 - Monsters Charging: The monster declares a charge against the Archers. It first moves straight forward, then stops to pivot towards the target in order to hit home and engage as many enemies as possible. Finally, it moves into contact with the enemy.

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