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All dice rolls use a standard six-sided dice (usually shortened to D6). Sometimes you will be asked to modify the result of the dice roll. This is noted as D6 plus or minus a number, such as D6+ 1 or D6-2. Roll the dice and add or subtract the number indicated to get the final result. You may have to roll a certain number of dice in one go. For example, 2D6 means roll two dice and add the scores together.

You may also come across the term D3. As there is no such thing as a three-sided dice, use the following method for determining a score between 1 and 3. Roll a D6 and halve the score, rounding up: 1 or 2 equals 1, 3 or 4 equals 2 and 5 or 6 equals 3.

Sometimes in a game of Warhammer you will have to roll many dice to resolve mass shooting or a combat. To save time in these cases, it is best to roll all the dice required rather than one dice at a time.

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