Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Moving Flyers
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In Warhammer, flight is represented by a long swoop or glide of up to 20". The flyer starts off on the ground, takes off, flies to where it wishes to go, and then lands. Flyers, therefore, begin and end their movement on the ground.

Flyers never need to wheel or turn, but can always make their move in a direct line or stop to pivot at any point during their move. Of course, they still need to see any target they want to charge or shoot at and have a front, flanks and rear (used to determine their arc of sight as normal)

Flyers do not benefit from the extra Move distance conferred on ground moving models for charging or marching. The flying move is never doubled and flyers charge at normal speed.

Flyers suffer no movement penalties for flying over scenery or crossing obstacles. They may fly over other models, including enemy troops, without penalty. Flyers may not move, land in or take off from within a wood. If flyers wish to enter a wood, they must land outside it and walk inside using their ground movement in the next turn. Note that this applies to any terrain that both players consider would prohibit flying (it's a good idea for the players to discuss this before the game begins).

Flyers may not land on top of enemy formations - if they wish to attack an enemy they must charge them.

Most flyers are also capable of moving along the ground by walking or running. If a flyer has a Movement value, this represents its ground movement in the same way as any other model. When moving along the ground using its Movement characteristic the usual movement rules apply. A flyer may choose to fly or move along the ground but cannot do both in the same move.

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