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A unit of troops can often include a standard, which might take the form of a flag, banner, totemic idol or similar device. The standard is carried by a standard bearer, who can be bought as an upgrade to a normal model in the unit, as described in the relevant Warhammer Army book. This model is assumed to be armed and armoured like the other models in the unit and fights in exactly the same way. Although the model might actually lack a shield or substitute a lance for a sword, such things are ignored and make no difference to the unit's overall fighting ability. The standard bearer also has to carry a banner as well as fight, but he is chosen from the strongest and most determined individuals in the unit, and this more than makes up for any disadvantage suffered because of the weight and inconvenience of his standard or any difference in his armour or weaponry.

The enemy cannot specifically attack standard bearers as he can character models. Standard bearers are not normally removed as casualties, as it is assumed that if the standard bearer is killed, another warrior will pick up the banner and take his place. Therefore, the player always removes an ordinary warrior in preference to a standard bearer, even if the ordinary warrior is not in base contact with the enemy.

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