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An army marches under its banners, but it does so to the beat of drums and the call of blaring horns.

A unit of troops can often include a single musician model, like a horn blower or a drummer, to accompany it into battle. He can be bought as an upgrade to a normal model in the unit, as described in the relevant Warhammer Armies books. A musician model is placed in the front rank of its unit. His effect on the fighting ability of the unit is not as great as a standard bearer but is useful nonetheless.

Like standard bearers, musicians fight just like an ordinary member of their unit, even if the model itself has slight variances in armour or weaponry. Also, like standard bearers, the player does not remove musicians, but substitutes an ordinary model instead. However, unlike standard bearers, musicians are not removed automatically when a unit breaks and flees from combat. Their instruments are somewhat lighter and less cumbersome than a weighty standard. Musicians cannot be captured as trophies.

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