Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 7th Edition

Excess Wounds (Characters)
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As with combat between ordinary warriors, casualties inflicted by a character can extend beyond the models the character is touching. If a character has say, 4 Attacks and is facing two enemy troopers then his attacks are worked out against these. However, if the character scores sufficient wounds to slay three or four models, the enemy unit loses three or four troopers, not just two.

Don't be fooled by the fact that models are static and the battle lines rigid and straight. What is represented is the hectic swirl of real combat! Heroes are just the type to strike boldly left and right, stepping forward to cut down foes that step up to fill a gap.

If a model attacks an enemy character, or another individual model such as a unit's champion or a monster, then any excess wounds caused by those attacks are not carried over onto ordinary troopers fighting alongside. The attacker has chosen to concentrate his attacks on a single special foe and any wounds left over are wasted and do not count towards the result of the combat. The exception to this rule is during a
challenge, as described next.

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